New access system (EAGLE-ACCESS) tested on Dutch flagged VOS Star

12 May 2021

Recently EAGLE-ACCESS has tested their new access system on the Dutch flagged VOS Star in the Danish windfarm Horns Rev.2. Around 150 people were safely transferred. In addition about 300 transfers with and without cargo were completed. The system in the stand alone version proved to be safe, comfortable and reliable during offshore testing.

The vessel used for the sea trials was the Vroon VOS Star (registered in the Netherlands), a DP2 vessel of 68 x 15 meter. After being brought to the quay in IJmuiden by road transport, the EAGLE was installed on the deck of the offshore supply ship in one day. Resulting in a large deck space available. Once installed on the deck, the EAGLE was immediately available and used for deck-to-quay handling of 1 ton loads.

For passengers to be transferred it is a short walk on deck to the Landing station with cabin. The workability of the system proved fully in line with the prediction of our digital models. These will be further updated with the obtained test data. With the digital twin in our offices in IJmuiden we can fully guarantee the operability on a vessel before signing a contract and offer a realistic hands-on training to future EAGLE operators.