The Dutch maritime cluster

The Netherlands has turned its favourable location  for transshipment, accessibility, transport, trade  culture and service industry into a major maritime  cluster. The maritime cluster in the Netherlands is  characterised by its all-round suitability and high standards.

More than 12,000 maritime companies create €18.5 billion in added value, with employment amounting to some 167,000 jobs. The indirect added value represents an additional €4.3 billion and 90.000 jobs. 

The shipping industry, major ports, the world’s  largest dredging fleet, the largest European inland barge fleet, the third-largest shipbuilding industry in the Europe Union  (in terms of number of ships) – including a prestigious yacht-building sector – offshore, fisheries, the water sports industry, shipping finance, legal advisors, insurers, maritime education and research, a modern Royal Navy, equipment suppliers and service industries: together they all form one huge maritime network.

In order to promote all of these maritime interests,  the government has been actively supporting the  development of the Dutch Maritime Network  (Stichting Nederland Maritiem Land) and the  branding of its trademark “Maritime by Holland”.

This organisation – which operates as a network – aims at the further promotion and reinforcement of  the Netherlands’ maritime cluster. With an executive board made up of prominent people from the maritime world, this organisation is actively involved in communication, investigation, long-term policy  development, image building, maritime education  and a host of different maritime projects.

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