Calculation of taxable tonnage-based profit

In the situation of a company whose activities are limited exclusively to shipping, the calculation of the taxable profit is based on the total net tonnage of the vessel, per 1,000 net tons per day. Interruptions that do not represent an encroachment of operations, such as maintenance, repairs, or periods in which the ship was out of service because of unfavourable market circumstances, cannot be deducted.

Taxable profits per day per 1,000 net tons

€ 9,08 for the first 1,000 net tons
€ 6,81 for any excess up to and including 10,000 net tons
€ 4,54 for any excess up to and including 25,000 net tons
€ 2,27 for any excess up to and including 50,000 net tons
€ 0,50* for any excess above 50,000 net tons

* The reduced rate of € 0,50 per day per 1,000 net tons for vessels with a net tonnage over 50,000 is augmented to a rate of € 1,77 per day per 1,000 net tons, unless a vessel was:

  • First registered under a flag after 31 December 2008 and for which the profits were set on the basis of the Dutch tonnage tax, or
  • Flying a non-EU/EEA flag in the five years prior to the application of the tonnage-bases profit calculation

For example:

A shipping company operates two vessels, ship Y of 6,000 net tons and ship Z of 20,000 net tons. The profits for ship Y are €9.08 (for the first 1,000 net tons) + €34.05 (5 * €6.81 for the excess) per day or €15,742.45 per year. The tax payable on this amount is €2,991.06 (19% of €15,742.45).  For ship Z, the taxable profits are €9.08 + €61.29 + €45.40 per day or €42,256.05 per year. The profit tax due is therefore €8,028.65 (19% of €42,256.05).

If the tax payer is responsible for the entire crewing and technical/ nautical management of a vessel that is owned by a third party, the taxable profit will be reduced to 25% of the taxable profit calculated according to the table above. 

The calculated taxable profits are subject to the general Corporate Income Tax (CIT) rates or at the Personal Income Tax rates. In 2020, those rates amount to 16,5% on the first €200,000 of taxable corporate income and 25% on the taxable corporate income for the amount over €200,000.

For more information on shipping taxation the following organizations can be of help: the Dutch tax authority, the Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners, a specialist accountant or a maritime fiscal expert.