Maritime insurance and financial services

Three major Dutch banks are positioned among the world’s top 50 banking institutions and are well known for the diversity and quality of their services. Many foreign banks have offices in the Netherlands. Shipping companies will be interested to hear that almost all the larger banks and accountancy firms have departments specialising in shipping.

Some banks have devoted themselves exclusively to the shipping industry, participating in practically every shipping deal. For instance, they finance projects in the merchant navy, the coastal trade, ports and all kinds of niche markets. Shipping companies established in the Netherlands have often expressed particular appreciation for the clear way in which financial institutions provide information and of the quality of the services they offer.

The Netherlands has a powerful and well-developed capital market. Many private investors are interested in the maritime sector, often as silent partners. Banks take a positive attitude towards such forms of financing.

Numerous experienced tax consultants are close at hand to provide fiscal advice. Some have special shipping desks geared to maritime  business and all pride themselves on their long-standing and extensive national and international experience. And with regard to their fiscal know-how they rely on solid national and international networks.