Doing business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been a strong maritime nation. Because of its central location in Europe at the river Rhine estuary, it serves as the entrance to Europe’s economic heartland. Nowhere else in Europe can one find such an excellent and convenient combination of large ports and efficient hinterland connections with all transport modes. Together with the highly experienced Dutch logistical sector, one of the most modern and innovative in the world, the Netherlands is the true Gateway to Europe.

The Netherlands offers an excellent political and business climate which allows maritime enterprises to flourish. The economic and social climate of the Netherlands is stable. The country has been experiencing continuously favourable economic growth with very few labour disputes. Conflicts between employers and employees are generally solved around the negotiating table. Of course, besides a sound economic climate, a stable political climate is of key significance to long-term goals, especially for operations in an unfamiliar business environment. The Netherlands’ political system is a democratic and multi-party system and is therefore based on consensus. It is also highly pro-corporate, as the Dutch government is very much aware of the importance of having strong, internationally competitive commercial industries making a major contribution to the country's prosperity and the wellbeing of its citizens.