Flying the Dutch flag

As a sovereign member of the European Union, the Netherlands is home to one of the most prestigious ship registers in the world. Ranked in the top of the Paris MoU white list, the Dutch flag assures you of a warm welcome in ports around the world. Officials instantly know that everything is in order, and the reliability and security enjoyed by the vessel’s owners extends to all those with whom the crew come into contact.

This portal provides information about flying the Dutch flag on merchant vessels and commercial yachts. It gives an overview of the registration process in the Netherlands and related regulations. Also, it offers information on doing business in the Netherlands for international maritime companies and shipowners.

NL flag: a rich heritage, a thriving present and a sustainable future

Why fly the Dutch flag?

In times of uncertainty it pays to partner with people you can trust. Registering your vessel or commercial yacht under the Dutch flag offers maximum reliability and comprehensive support, wherever you are in the world. Why settle for less? 

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Pioneers in sustainability

Due to climate change we are faced with new challenges. Medium and long-term predictions indicate that world trade – and therefore global shipping – will grow, requiring ambitious environmental measures.

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