Minimum Safe Manning Certificate

The Minimum Safe Manning Certificate is issued by ILT/NSI, on the basis of a Safe Manning Proposal as submitted by the shipowner. 

Minimum safe manning levels are established on a ship-by-ship basis, taking into account relevant operational conditions such as trade, level of automation and level of shore-based support. When applying for a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate, the shipowner  has to submit a safe manning proposal, explaining the proposed minimum safe manning requirements applied on board and any specific operational conditions that apply to the ship. In assessing this proposal, further dialogue with the shipowner can take place, after which ILT will examine  relevant details, such as working hours of the crew, the ship’s equipment, the type of ship and the type of trade. If operational conditions or other relevant details in the use of the ship vary, more than one  crew composition can be applied and indicated in the manning proposal. After approval a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate will be issued reflecting these different crew compositions.

Furthermore, there is also the option to submit a  safe manning proposal for a group of ships of similar build and operational profile. 

A Minimum Safe Manning Certificate  is  valid for a period of not more than five years. When experimental manning arrangements are submitted for approval, a Minimum Safe Manning Certificate may be issued with a shorter period of validity.

Further information on Minimum Safe Manning Cerficate can be found on the NSI website