The bareboat registration process

Process bareboat registration
To start the process of bareboat-in registration, your presence in the Netherlands is required. The bareboat charterer should either be based in the Netherlands or have established a subsidiary company in the Netherlands. It is not possible for a bareboat charterer to appoint a ship management company in the Netherlands, in lieu of their own company. To obtain a Certificate of Bareboat Registration it is advised to start by applying for a provisional Certificate of Bareboat Registration. To obtain a provisional Certificate of Bareboat Registration the following documents are needed: a tonnage certificate (ITC’ 69) issued by your classification society, a call sign issued by the Dutch Telecom Agency and A (concept) bareboat charter agreement. After a provisional Bareboat Certificate of Registration has been issued, your classification society should perform the necessary (statutory) certification services. At the same time, you can apply at NSI for the remaining statutory documents such as the Safe Manning Document, CSR, DMLC Part I and the applicable liability certificates. The validity of provisional Certificates of Bareboat Registration is six months. During this time the bareboat charterer can arrange and apply for permanent registration in the public bareboat register at NSI.  For permanent registration you will additionally be required to provide a document confirming the underlying foreign registration of ownership.  After registration of the vessel in the public bareboat register at NSI, a permanent Certificate of Bareboat Registration will be issued. This document is valid for a period of four years.