Commercial Yachts

With a 30% market share, and recognized status as the world’s leading country for commercial yacht yards and equipment suppliers, it makes good sense for the Netherlands also to offer a premium registration solution for commercial yacht owners. The Dutch flag offers a one-stop shop for construction, registration and crewing of commercial yachts. A clear operating model is in place and owners (and their representatives) can rest assured that their yacht is in the safe hands of professionals. 

Dutch manning regulations offer flexibility in dedicating the crew to the shipowner’s business. This is also valuable for commercial yachts. Therefore, the information described under manning as well as registration also applies to commercial yachts.

The Netherlands has adopted the REG Large Yacht Code 3 and 2. Commercial super yachts built according to these codes, as well as to Solas and the national CCV rules can register in the Dutch shipping registry. The Large Yacht Code 2 is only allowed for ships built until 1/1/2018.

Superyachts exploited on a commercial basis and used for the international transport of passengers overseas may be taxed according to the shipping taxation rules as set forth under Shipping Policy and Tax.

Surveys are outsourced by the Dutch government to classification societies.