Delivery of Elke K. from Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes

31 August 2020

Christening and successful launch Elke K 

Under strict COVID-19 public health requirements and protocols,  the first newbuilding in a series of three new Eco Traders 5150 – dwt, has been successfully launched.  The ceremony was grandly held at the Royal Bodewes Shipyard in Hoogezand (Netherlands).  Consequently the launch ceremony,  normally open for public celebration, had to be restricted to a group of 40 invited guest.

The naming ceremony was performed by Godmother Ms  Monika Maszke,  a long-standing, well-respected manager and family friend of the Krohn-Group.

Karin Orsel, CEO of the MF Shipping Group: ‘ We congratulate the Family Krohn on this special occasion.  The in Germany based,  Bereederungsgesellschaft Alstership mbH & Co. KG, is part of the Krohn-Group. MF Shipping Group has a long-lasting business relation with the Krohn-Group for over 15 years. We are very proud and excited to become co-owners of the vessels.

The Eco Trader 5150 is a modern, new generation, environmentally friendly cargo ship with a total length of 86.93 m – 5150 dwt and a payload of approx. 2121,000 ctf.

The new vessels are an important step towards a "green" future, says Karin Orsel. We are determined  in our shared mission to reduce CO2 emissions and we are explicitly committed to protecting and maintaining the marine environment. We have confidence in the future, the market we serve and we’re  always there for our customers.

Source: Website MF Shipping Group

Yet another modern and clean vessel that will sail under the NL flag.

Name of the Video: Christening Elke K - MF Shipping Group