Eems Traveller ready to sail with two suction esails

18 July 2023

Bound4blue, key player in the wind propulsion sector, has successfully installed two eSAILs®️ on Dutch flagged Eems Traveller, a 2,850-dwt general cargo vessel owned by Amasus.

The eSAIL system, categorized as a suction sail, is based on the use of a thick aerodynamic profile and smart suction to increase the propulsive efficiency, resulting in a system that produces seven times more lift than an airplane wing.

These sails represent a new and improved generation of the system installed on the La Naumon, delivering higher efficiency with the same size. Standing at a height of 17 meters, they continue to hold the record as the largest suction sail ever built and installed on a ship. In fact, the installation of these two sails on the Eems Traveller also marks the largest installation of fixed suction sails on a ship to date.

Source: Amasus