Emissions of MV Endeavor to be significantly reduced

10 March 2022

MV Endeavor (flying the Dutch flag), a 750 TEU container feeder vessel, operated by JR Shipping, will be equipped with the Value Maritime Filtree System and Carbon Capture module in early April. In this way, the emissions of this  vessel will be significantly reduced.

Since 2021 the JR Shipping Group and Value Maritime have been intensively cooperating to meet the global challenge of making shipping more sustainable. The innovative Filtree System, developed in-house by Value Maritime engineers, can play an important role in the energy transition of the industry.

The system, suitable for both existing and new vessels, is based on a versatile technology that filters sulphur and ultra-fine particles from exhaust gas and purifies wash water. In addition, a patented CO2 capture and storage module is integrated into the system. The CO2 is stored in battery containers for reuse in other industries, with the carbon even being re-used to facilitate the growth of flowers and other crops. Value Maritime has set up an extensive service network to replace the batteries in main ports. This will result in a 100% circular solution.

Since 2005, JR Shipping Group has been responsible for the operation of MV Endeavor, which was built in 2005 by Volharding Shipyards on behalf of the shipping company. The vessel has recently been refinanced with the participation of a diverse group of investors who have also signed for the sustainability operation.

Source: JR Shipping