MV Vertom Joy christened

15 December 2023

On December 8 MV Vertom Joy, flying the Dutch flag, was christened by Joyce Schram. Thecla Bodewes Shipyards delivered the vessel in April 2023. The ship, originally designed as a DP-2 pipe supply vessel, underwent a transformation by TBSY, converting it into a versatile MPV (Multipurpose Vessel) and general cargo ship.

After successful sea trials on the North Sea and receiving her class certificates, the vessel departed for China for the installation of two 80 tonnes cranes.

MV Vertom Joy is 128.26 meters long, 17.80 meters wide, has a draught of 8.03 meters for a deadweight of over 11,000 ton and additionally an open-top deadweight of 8,100 ton at a draught of 6.50 meters. Her cargo capacity is 512,000 cuft.

The ship is equipped with a state-of-the-art diesel-electric propulsion system and power management system from D&A Electric, including an innovative battery bank for peak shaving and reverse power absorption, with Wärtsila an Volvo powered generator sets and two efficient Schottel propulsion Ecopellers.

Following its christening, MV Vertom Joy is set to embark on its voyage to Antwerp, where it will be deployed on the trading line operated by ECL connecting Europe and the north coast of South America.

Source: Vertom