Pioneers in sustainability

Due to climate change we are faced with new challenges. Medium and long term predictions indicate that world trade - and therefore global shipping - will grow, requiring ambitious environmental measures. Over the past decade, numerous treaties, conventions, laws, rules and regulations relating to the environment have been drawn up and come into effect. This has resulted in an impressive reduction of the adverse effects on many aspects of the marine environment and the environment in general.

Green Deal

The Dutch fleet is among the youngest and most modern in the world. It is therefore also among the cleanest. Dutch shipowners are pro-active and make every effort to achieve further significant improvements to the shipping industry’s environmental performance. They continue to invest in high-tech innovations and unorthodox designs. 

The Dutch government seeks to promote this intention by offering financial support for innovation. 

In the Netherlands, the government, trade organizations and the industry try to safeguard the shipping industry’s competitive potential. A sound and strong shipping industry in the Netherlands, within Europe and globally is a prerequisite. At the same time, stakeholders are doing their utmost to improve the industry’s environmental performance as much as possible. On 11 June 2019 a Green Deal was signed by, amongst others, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, trade organizations, financiers and stakeholders fully supporting the IMO 2050 sustainability goals or more ambitious targets.

Download the Green Deal here (in Dutch only)