SeaZip Offshore Service makes major move with acquisition of Damen Crew Transfer Vessel

04 April 2023

SeaZip Offshore Service (Harlingen) is expanding its fleet with the acquisition of a 24 PAX Crew Transfer Vessel from shipping company Groen (The Hague/Scheveningen). Jan Reier Arends, Managing Owner of SeaZip, speaks of a golden opportunity because it concerns a young vessel that is in new condition. The vessel, still sailing under the name ‘Green Waves’, was built in 2020 by Damen Shipyards. SeaZip is the owner at the beginning of April. The vessel will soon be renamed ‘SeaZip 9’ and will sail under the Dutch flag.

In 2020, SeaZip 9 was the first Fast Crew Supplier 2710 supplied in the Netherlands by Damen Shipyards. It is a further development of the Damen FCS 2610, of which SeaZip has four in service. These were converted into 24 PAX vessels in March 2022. A smart step, because the demand for 24 PAX crew transfer vessels is high. SeaZip itself was closely involved in the innovative design of the new generation of Damen Crew Suppliers.

SeaZip Offshore Service fleet

The SeaZip Offshore Service fleet consists of seven own 24 PAX Crew Transfer Vessels, including SeaZip 9, which will enter service in early April 2023. SeaZip Offshore Service also provides the commercial management for third parties, including 3 30 PAX Monomaran Crewtenders (Endurance Class NG2727) and 1 12 PAX Crew Transfer Vessel MV Swift. SeaZip 9, built in 2020, offers maximum comfort and safety to 24 passengers and has 90 m2 of deck space for cargo transport. The vessel is very stable and manoeuvrable and can reach a speed of 25 knots. SeaZip 9 is equipped with innovative technology.