Wijnne Barends takes delivery of Lady Habarka

29 July 2021

On 21 July 2021 Lady Habarka (registered in the Netherlands) was delivered to Wijnne Barends from the yard in India. She is the fifth of six new vessels, with a deadweight capacity of about 4,200 tons and a length of 98 metres, designed to meet the increased environmental requirements that apply to newly built vessels (Tier III standards).

Maximum fuel efficiency

The new Lady H series was designed and engineered by Conoship to transport various kinds of cargo with maximum fuel efficiency, especially in moderate to heavy weather conditions, including sailing in ice. Therefore, the vessel features an Ice Class 1A notation and a special designed headbox-tunnel and nozzle, ensuring sufficient thrust and speed.

Shortsea specialist

Wijnne Barends is the shortsea specialist of the Spliethoff Group and was founded in 1855. This makes it one of the oldest shipping companies in the Netherlands. Based in Delfzijl, Wijnne Barends is a dynamic and flexible company that offers shipping, logistic services and ship management, including crewing to customers.

Source and photo credit: Wijnne Barends