Thun Reliance launched

28 May 2024

On May 3, the “Thun Reliance” (flying the Dutch flag) was launched at the yard in Leer, Germany. Upon delivery, the Thun Reliance will enter long-term employment with Preem. The vessel will be technically managed by MF Shipping Group and was built by Scheepswerf Ferus Smit.

The “Thun Reliance” is the second in a series of eight ordered 'Resource Efficiency' sisters. These vessels feature an industry-first innovative design with adaptive propulsion to minimize energy usage, readiness for shore electricity connection, a battery pack, the latest hull design, and the newest and most resource-efficient machinery. The ordered vessels are part of Thun Tankers' fleet renewal program, carefully designed to reduce the climate footprint and meet future demands. 

Main characteristics: 

  • Length overall: 114.95 m 
  • Breadth moulded: 15.87 m 
  • GRT: about 4700 mts 
  • Deadweight: 7999 tons 
  • Cargo tank capacity: 9540 m3 
  • Ice Class: 1A (Finnish Swedish)  


Some of the vessel’s many new features: 

  • Newest and most resource-efficient machinery with adaptive propulsion. 
  • The latest hull design. 
  • Readiness for shore electricity connection. 
  • UPS battery pack for increased reliability and reduced emissions. 

Source: Thun Tankers