Ship-to-shore LNG transfer with floating IQuay

03 June 2021

On May 25 the Dutch flagged LNG carrier Coral Energy was instrumental in the first offshore marine LNG delivery in Norway.

ECONNECT Energy conducted the offshore marine LNG delivery via floating transfer technology (IQuay jettyless transfer system) with minimal personnel for the aerial hose hookup to the LNG vessel and with remote monitoring of the asset onshore during the discharge operation. 

In addition to the LNG import operation from Gasum-chartered LNG carrier, Coral Energy, to Herøya, the operation also measured the flow rate, friction and pressure of LNG in the floating flexible hoses. The LNG delivery was an opportunity to further benchmark the operational performance of the system against traditional solutions.

In conjunction with the IQuay client, first mover Naturgy and operator Gasum, other partners in the LNG operation included SINTEF, Air Liquide, Trelleborg, Anthony Veder, Herøya Industrial Park, the Grenland Port Authority, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket) and with support from Innovation Norway. To date, ECONNECT Energy with Naturgy have developed, built and commissioned the only existing jettyless floating LNG transfer system in the world.

Source: Econnect Energy